We take our responsibility as producers, distributors and marketers of alcoholic wine brands very seriously and understand the influence and impact we can have.

Responsible Drinking

We are committed to encouraging the responsible consumption of alcohol and market our products according to the Portman Group guidelines.

Environmental and Social Impact

As partners in the Imbuku Winery we strive to ensure that this business impacts positively on the landscape and community around it.

Imbuko’s Current Recycling Efforts:

At Imbuko we make use of an accredited agent for the collection of glass, paper, carton and plastic materials for recycling. Imbuko is at this point recycling 100% of all by products in the bottling plant.

Through a scientific process a purposely build system captures all effluent water from the bottling plant, which is recycled to national acceptable levels for usage by humans. We use this water for irrigating all of the Imbuko gardens as well as the gardens of the local farm labourers, without asking for any monetary reimbursement. Thus no water is wasted nor is any water contaminated.

All the water we use is monitored by an independent agent and we are annually audited to make sure all water is in compliance with national legislation and policies. Imbuko is proud to say that all water reintroduced to nature 100% clean.

Using packaging material with a low carbon footprint is of utmost importance to Imbuko.  Light weight bottles, screwcaps (contribute to the planting of the Spekboom tree), recycled and tree-free paper are just some of the low carbon footprint packaging material we use.

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