Established for over 25 years we are a family-run wine distribution company supplying high quality wines at affordable prices to an increasingly discerning and knowledgeable market.

Over the years we’ve earned an excellent reputation for our successful and varied wine portfolio and we now sell around 6 million cases each year globally, with turnover in the UK at around £17m.

We know that high quality and consistency at an affordable price is important to our customers so we carefully select each of our wines. Our wines are sourced from the major growing regions – France, Italy, Chile, California, and Australia, where we have built strong, long-lasting relationships with our producers. However, South African wines are the heart and soul of our business.

In fact, we’re so passionate about South African wines that we are partners in the Imbuko Estate Winery in Wellington, Western Cape. So whether you’re stocking our brands or enjoying them with friends, you are guaranteed consistently high quality. And we use the same exacting criteria when sourcing wine from other producers around the world.

Our wines have a conscience too, because as well as quality, strong ethics and care for the environment are also intrinsic to our production. Several of our South African wines are Fairtrade, some are organic, and our farming methods are 100% sustainable.